Green Review Red Review

I think it’s time to be more organised. I’m more ambitious to write more and more.

I’ve decided to write reviews and separate them into Green Reviews (which are products that I am more inclined to purchasing again) or Red Review: products that aren’t suited for me.

But please remember! What may not work for me may work wonders for you. And vice versa.

Which brings us to this!

I’ll describe my skin condition.

I have fairly dry skin, with an oily T-zone by the evening. But the T-zone is quite common I am told.

I tan quite easily.

My main concern are

1) my dark circle. I’m at wits end with it

2) my comedones. They’re literally breeding!

3) hormonal breakouts. When it’s about a week before my time of the month, they come and terrorise me, especially my chin area.

4) and I tend to try quite a number of products. Lol.

But now I know a few rules of thumb, that I may post on a different post; I’m experimenting to see if my skin will change!

Hopefully my review will help you out!


Red Review : Supergoop Setting Mist Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

I like to consider myself on the road to searching the perfect sunscreen.

Why sunscreen? Because it’s one of the essentials for me. Since I’ve started wearing them, I don’t know why but I’m more inclined to wearing make up properly. As well as, since I’ve worn them I find my skin to be more manageable!

But of course, I’ll always be worrying, am I removing all of them effectively? That’s a story for a different post.

Back to my quest, so I find this mist sunscreen on the shelf. I tell myself it’s convenient , of a well known for their sunscreen range brand, and comes in travel size. It screamed TRY ME in my head.

So I bought it :

Supergoop Setting Mist Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

However, I don’t feel it’s the right product for me. I need quite a number of spritz to feel protected. It does feel slightly greasy. My main point of buying it was because I didn’t want to touch my face when I’m reapplying sunscreen in the afternoon. But due to the feel of it, I’m tempted to touch my face more.

It could be the ingredient , i also tend to have more breakout when I’m using it.

The active ingredient is stated as Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 4%, ontinoxate 6%, octisalate 3%.

Ill be keeping in mind if I’m trying a different sunscreen in the future to avoid these ingredients. Or maybe give them another try? Who knows if the formulation is different it’ll be better. Or it can act as an assurance to avoid them for good.

Have any thoughts on the sunscreen? Or any suggestion for me to try? Do leave a comment!

Face mist for office

So my job involves me sitting in an office. Maybe not straight 8-5 because I quite frequently have to visit my superior for signature & discussions (Thank God else I’ll be adding pounds to my butt); but most of the day.

And as we may or may not know, air conditioned rooms make the skin dry!

Added the fact my office is a quiet, face mist help me a) hydrate my skin b) wake me when I’m sleepy.

But then again, after lunch is a different thing. Because when you go into Rest-And-Digest mode, sometimes nothing can help against total knockout. LOL!

I’ve been trying these two mist;

Avène Theremal Spring Water & Eucerin Aquaporin Active Mist Spray.

I find with Eucerin Aquaporin my skin feels more calm longer. You know when your skin just suddenly has an itch out of nowhere? Eucerin helps that in control.

But there’s a slight smell to it, which isn’t all that bad. But with Avène its almost scentless.

I don’t buy these unless they’re on sale though.

They’re just a bonus to my routine, I use them when I remember. So I will be putting them in front of my desk. Hehe

There are other mists I’ve tried, but that’s for a different post!

Lipstick for dry flaky lips

If you could only have 1 make up to look livelier for the day, what would it be?

Of course a concealer will help hide those dark circles, but lipstick is the one to add sunshine to your day!

But, how many of us have dry lips out there? While some are blessed to have normal lips, some lucky to have only dry lips, I’m cursed with having them flaky as well.

I’ve tried countless of lipstick/lip balm/ lip tint/ lip lacquer (ehem. That’s new innit) etc.

But here’s what works for me.

For lip balm as treatment, I’ve tried a few as well. I’ll perhaps make another post about that. But what works for me now is this!

Vaseline Lip Therapy!

Doesn’t matter the flavour, my lips just respond best to them. And although some might say it’s the same as normal Vaseline, for me it reacts differently.

So the thing is, it’s oily right and lipstick won’t stick to it.

My option is not to have lip color that lasts the whole day. Frankly I’m too jittery for that. (And I drink water like, all the time??).

So after the Vaseline Lip Therapy I top it up with ..

NYX Powder Puff Lippie

Don’t be fooled by the color of the tube, as well as the color of the model in stores lol. You simply have to try it on your lips. I find the tube color is more exaggerated than the actual color. But perhaps it’s because I don’t layer them thickly. Added the fact I use Vaseline Lip Therapy underneath, I always end up with a nice natural color.

The ones I own are Moody, Cool Intentions & Puppy Love. I’m still quite shy when it comes to make up so these shades are the only ones I tend to play with. Hiks

It has also won some awards. How about that?

The only downside I guess is it only comes in a few shades. Bummer.

I guess the technology is new or something, there are a few brands out there that’s of similar texture. So if you’re looking for a different shade I can share with you the other brands that are quite similar. And other lipstick that works for my dry lips.

So that’s about it for today. Hope it helped !

Interviewing random people

Here’s a list of who I met today.

Young foreigner couples. Who prefer time over money. Hidup perlu dalam kesederhanaan katanya. Who doesn’t need a lot of money to be happy.

Guy in his forties. Who prefers time over money. Who was actually waiting to watch a movie. Savoring the time with his wife. But perhaps , 10 years back will pick money over time.

A food chain worker. Who picks money over time. Who worked there for 2 years, had a feud with his supervisor, switched job to become a barista. Only to quit after a week, and then go back to the original job. Who would work overtime to earn extra. Who is more into his comfort zone.

The prop we used was asking would they choose time or money?

Interesting how people would pick right?

I need to also mention that there was 2 of us who went to interview , me and a guy. And when we approached the guy in his forties his wife looked at me like she want to makan me. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahha tepukkkk

Which would you pick? Drop me a message & let me know!

Making Malaysian Passport for Sabahan Baby

Originally I was going to write this post on Facebook, but since I’ve created an account here, and there’s an app for it, oh what the hey.


So I guess some of you have typed into that google search bar ; “what to bring when making babies passport”. Because that’s what I did. I’m sure some also have had the experience of not bringing all documents when approaching the immigration right ?

Well I thought I was being smart, I googled and found out , the most useful information was to dress my baby in dark colored shirt or bring a dark colored scarf. Documents needed are Guardians IC (the one that’s registering) and baby’s birth certificate. Did not find any mentioning about photocopying anything. All other processes were the same, and will not take long, apparently less than an hour apparently because there’s a special lane for making passport for babies.

I took a day off.

I took my baby early from her nursery.

We went to UTC Pudu.

(If you’re headed there and am a “normal” applicant , you can find your way to the Second floor).

Here’s where things went wrong.

As we reached to get a number, they scanned and gave that “oh” that you never want to hear when you came to settle something.


And I thought, here it goes.

So she started asking, “do you want to make a Sabahan passport or a Semenanjung passport?”

I could include the details in a dialogue script but no thank you.

Basically, the two is different. How? She gets Hak Pribumi if she does the former.

So of course we would go for that, right ?

“Ok.. so if you want to make a Sabahan Passport, you can’t make it here. The first issuance can only be made at the Immigration at Jalan Duta”.

It was already 3pm. Dang, will I make it in time ?

Malaysian traffic gave a the anxiety attack. Plus my baby’s fussiness as she’s not a fan of car rides. Also, feeding time is near.

3.30pm and we reach the place. Headed one escalator up to Pintu B.

Ok! I was hyped, I can finish this!

What’s the same level as “oh” and has the same amount of frustrating result?


“So if you want to make a Sabahan passport,

we need 2 photocopies of each of the following

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • The mothers IC
  • The parent that’s the Sabahans birth certificate

Check. Check. NOT CHECK.

No i didn’t manage to persuade to skip giving the documents.

So I ended up not making my baby’s passport and just went to renew mine.

(By the way, thanks to my husband for taking the time to accompany us that day, it would’ve been 100x harder without ).

Readers might also would like to know, even if there’s a special number for OKU , elderly and children below 2 years old; it doesn’t apply if you have a child below 2 who’s not particularly happy about waiting.

I’m just saying , because yes I’ve asked and was greatly hoping I could get a special number. But alas, although the passport is for myself & I am with an infant , it doesn’t count.

In the end, I had to take another day leave to arrange my daughters passport.

After a couple of hours and it’s time to pay, here’s another thing you should know;

“So it takes around 2 weeks to make the passport, bring this letter when collecting. Only the mother can collect the passport, And you have to come with the baby for us to verify”.

Yes. So that means another day of leave for me.

So that happened.

If you need a recap of what you need, focus on the underline and bold words.

I do hope it is easier for you! Any comments would be highly appreciated!

That’s all for today.

Signed, bakerzdosen.